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What is Country Music Anyway? (WELCOME)

Despite what you may feel about “Old Town Road” or “The Get Up” dance as music, one question is still lingering. WHAT IS COUNTRY MUSIC?

Some hear a southern drawl and are happy to stop there. Others would classify it at that magical point that a violin becomes a fiddle or when the steel guitar hits. Maybe it's the subtle mandolin. From a lyrical side, is it the dirt road you grew up on driving your pick up truck down it every day. Is it a love lost in a small town? Is it something those “city folks” just wouldn't get? By now you should see that classifying any genre is a challenging endeavor. This is also the point that I will say that music is music and enjoy it for how it makes you feel. (FULL STOP). That being said, in the age of instant google answers, it is fun to know that there are still some topics we can have a healthy debate about that ultimately may not have an answer.

What to expect from this blog?

Outside of general musings and @Kamjonesmusic updates, I want to talk about Country’s changing identity, how other genres have forced Country to take a good look at itself and how the 2010's have changed Country. The current country establishment is besieged on all sides by pop, hip-hop, pop country, outlaw country, and changing times. “I wish they still played country on country radio” is almost becoming a troupe, the same way dirt roads and painted on jeans have invaded the pop-country scene. I want to dig through the noise, highlight different artists and songs, and use these highlights to connect and examine the past, present, and future of country music.

Thats all for now

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More to come soon.

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