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What most Musicians Would do if Money Was Not a Thing! #edsheeran

Ed Sheerans's new Album "Number 6 Collaborations" is absolute fire. There is no other way to say it. No matter what genre you identify with, it is an album that kills it. It features Travis Scott, Chris Stapleton, Justin Bieber, and Khalid to name a few and somehow still feels like a complete album

Musicians love collaboration. Musicians love to work with one another to create cool shit. However, is often hard to schedule, plan, and make this collaboration profitable; that's the bottom line. Ed's new album is an ode to this. The album's description states that he set up shop in Nashville and just started inviting artists and friends around to make unique tracks, with very little concern for it fitting his "persona" or "musical image". He literally gives zero F***s and the result is a ridiculously fun and inventive album that has sounds that no one saw coming from Sheeran.

I imagine that most competent musicians could do this given the "freedom" that Ed has worked so hard to achieve. Let's not forget, he did grind to earn this. From busking and working his way through the ranks, to now selling out stadiums around the world, a few steps redacted :)he has earned this. He has worked to have this level of skill as a songwriter/hitmaker.

The one skill crucial to the "No.6 Collaborations Success" equation, other than musical skill and financial freedom, is something not often talked about as a skill in the music industry. Sheeran is easy to get along with. To be clear, I've never met him, not even close. However by all accounts he is a guy that gets along with everyone. This easy going natural leaves him open to stepping out of his comfort zone. Even through his 'main' albums you can see that Sheeran is not afraid to listen to those that came before him as well as step out of his comfort zone. On No.6 Collaborations, he is clearly most at home on track 6 "Best Part of Me". Despite all the well constructed noise on the tracks around it, you can feel the most of this poignantly acoustic track. This is his wheelhouse. I'd argue its the most lyrically resonant and well developed track. Despite this, "Best Part of Me" is the only acoustic track on the album; id argue that is deliberate. This project was something that he wanted to experiment on and he did so very successfully. He also showed many songwriters the top of the mountain. This is what you can do once you are established; hell why not try when you are not established, cause this shit can work.

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